I just want to live in these colors.

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First time in Canada since I was a little girl.

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Feeling like a badass right about now. (at Whiteface Mountain, Lake Placid NY)

2 days ago

Today’s chill spot on top of the world. #whiteface (at Whiteface Summit)

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A view to good to be true. #carrmessierwedding (at The Lake Placid Golf Club)

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Didn’t expect to do this today, but I’ll take it. (at White Face Mountian)

4 days ago

Matchy-matchy with Fall 🍁 (at Whiteface Lodge)

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favorite brewery tour.

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Kurt Schwitters (German: 1887-1948), Wie Senkrecht-Wagerecht, 1926.

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This picture is screaming at me.

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